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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Pictures of my mowers ...

Hi all, here is my collection of mowers, ..(only got into mowers a month or so ago, so bear with me).... more importantly I hope you like them ... I will post some separate pictures later in the technical section as i have some questions about some of them which I hope you can help me with. If you can clarify the model names of the last two Atco's on here that would be great, think they are refered to as "Light" and "Middle" weight  smiley

This is my MK11 Ransomes

This is my MK1 Ransomes

This is my 1928 Atco Standard - HY Model

This is my 1922 Atco Standard - H Model

... and this is what it looks like today, half way through a full restoration.

This is my 1957 Atco Lightweight (I think its called)

and finally this is my 1936 Atco middleweight (again not sure)


All the best


hillsider Thu, 10/11/2011

Hello,  You have the basis of a good collection there and the restored machine looks excellent. You have a sprinkling of fellow collectors and restorers in your area so there is no need to feel alone in the world of mowers.

Re the technical queries I am sure that we shall do our best to answer them there are several folk on here who have a great deal of accumulated knowledge between them.

You mention that you have a Chevy Pickup if this is used on the road I can see it being a good way to transport mowers!




Mike Fri, 11/11/2011

Thanks Ray, Yep, the truck will be used to transport mowers ... I may even sign write a nice vintage style "Atco sales and servicing" with logo on the doors ... thought that might look kinda cool with my mowers loaded in the back ...


Mike Fri, 11/11/2011

The two Ransomes are for sale on ebay at the moment, they are both real nice runners, but I am concentrating on Atco's and keeping the wife happy smiley .... however I do fancy one of those 1950's VICTA 18 rotomowers ... might have to talk to my shipping mate, see if we cant lug a couple back from down under ...

All the Best