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Posting on the forum in a time/date sequence.

Is it just me or do other members find the system of posting on this site whereby one can add to a particular post or to the thread in general a bit peculiar often leading to an illogical "dogs breakfast"?

I post on several forums and without exception they put the latest posting last so that one can see the theme developing and posts follow on from each other in a logical order.

A current example of this is the thread that is running concerning a member's trials and tribulations with a Ransomes 30" pedestrian flail mower which has become a bit of a mess  - I hold my hands up to contributing to said mess both on the grounds of ignorance and incompetence but it doesn't happen elsewhere..

hillsider Fri, 30/08/2013

I find the same thing happening so it is not only you doing things wrongly, if indeed that is the case. I have taken to selecting the last post option to save trawling through everything to find the latest update. I have raised the question previously about the fact that at some point along the way we seem to have lost the ability to create paragraphs in replies without selecting to change the text input style at the foot of the page, I have tried this method but it becomes problematic if you preview the text then try to go back to edit something as all reverts back to the original input style. Hence great blocks of text.

olcadmin Fri, 30/08/2013


Thanks for the thoughts on the comments and how they work. The content management system we use across the site uses as its default a commenting system where people can reply to the original posting or any individual subsequent comment.

As you rightly say this can lead to confusions as people choose (often without realising) to reply to something they are reading and then it appears in an odd place, out of sequence.

To try and get around this I have changed one of the settings for the forum section which should (fingers crossed) ensure that replies now appear in date sequence under the original posting, irrespective of which specific item has been replied to. I think this is more in line with what most people like and expect.

I'll need to look again at the issue about the text layout to see if I can find out what's going on.