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Qualcast 35S drive

Gents, Can you help me please?


I have a Qualcast 35S, handed down from my father in law that has given me several years good service, but seems to have a real design flaw.  The drive pulley has an aluminium bush fixed by 3 screws at its centre that transfers the drive power to the drive pinion and the drum.  This bush keeps on failing, it just cracks & falls apart.  I've had to replace it several times and I've also had to replace the pulley itself.  I had the mower overhalled recently but this same fault has re-occurred and the guy who did it reckons there is an upgrade kit to replace the existing drive trail with a beefed up version.....but he didn't know where to get it.  Can your memebers confirm that an upgrade is available & where I can find it, or suggest anything that could help at all

Yours hopefully!!