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Qualcast 35S throttle linkage

My Qualcast 35S kept flooding so I removed and cleaned the carburettor. I was not observant enough of what I thought was a simple throttle linkage. On trying to re-assemble, I see that the flooding problem may have been caused by the throttle not closing. I am not sure I have put it back correctly. Does anyone have a picture of this and/or can advise on how to reassemble the link?

Ed Brumby


hillsider Tue, 19/04/2011

Hello and welcome to the OLC Forum,

I think your flooding problem is most likely to have been caused by something lodged in the float valve or the float sticking for some reason rather than the throttle linkage. I shall look among my information for a picture for you in the next day so to try and confirm the layout for you.

Can you confirm the engine type fitted to your mower as that would help.




Ed Brumby Wed, 20/04/2011


Thanks for the reply. I have cleaned out the float chanber vetc so hope that is ok. Here are the numbers on the mower

Model CLP43S L80848

2800 rpm 2.00kw

Engine AQ148  E-45020C  S7129E

I took a picture of the linkage but I am not sure if and how you can attach a photo in this forum



hillsider Sat, 23/04/2011

Re posting a picture here there are some instruction in the forum guidelines section, whowever I have not been succesfull in locating any information among my bits and pieces to help either.

Going from memory your mower has the throttle cable attached to the governor linkage at the back of the engine with a single link attached to the carburettor throttle valve/butterfly, this is normally held in the wide open position with the engine at rest and is returned to the idle position by the engine governor system when the engine is running.

Hope this helps