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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

qualcast concorde electric?

Ey up,

Today, I just acquired 2 nice old hand mowers to restore when I get the chance. a Folbate J2 10" and a greens monitor 12" so they're going to benefit from my skilled love and care.

besides this, the chap that turned up with them, said... "Would this be of use"

"This" being the grass box of the old 12" qualcast blue concorde mowers. Now thn, for those not familiar with this, the old concorde was a compact cylinder mower with a small electric motor, plastic rear roller and ront rollers and a tin grass box at the front. the design gets interesting with regards the handle. it's just 1 square beam going up to a plastic hand grip and trigger.

A challenge...

I'd like to find one of these strange little beauties. I remember these by feel from my younger days.  I quite miss that design and would like to find one, either with or without box, preferably in working order to showcase in the workshop or maybe even use or restore to pass on to someone who has a small garden I manage for them now and again.



wristpin Fri, 16/11/2012

I'm afraid that I don't share your entheusiam for the dreaded concord!

However it has to be acknoledged that they were made in their thousands (millions??) and actually worked quite well.

The problem was that owners expected them to be repaired on the cheap as well and it just didn't work that way! People used to bring them into us to be "sharpened" but actually the three bladed cutting cylinder was bent to B*****y !!  

If a workshop had a small cylinder grinder such as the Garfitts Speedy 18 or maybe even an Atterton and Ellis Dual this may not have presented too much of a problem but for us setting up a Concord cylinder on a machine capable of grinding 36 inch Mastiff and Dennis cylinders it was a nightmare.If the ginding wheel was 2/3 worn it would't reach the blades and we had to put spacers under the head and tail stocks to lift the cylinder to within reach!

Our way round it was a plentiful supply of "Swap" cylinders for immediate use and a grinding session for all the removed cylinders when feeling brave  - same for bottom blade assemblies.

Where did these "Swap" cylinders come from - well, on one visit to a local static home Park to collect their triple for service  I picked up three put out for the refuse collection! Cables cut off for extension leads and cylinders and bottom blades for "Swaps". At one point we had a stock of over ten "Swap" cylinders, straightened, painted and sharpened, ready to go.