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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Qualcast Sixteen

I have just bought a recently renovated Qualcast Sixteen-52. The clutch is not aligned well and the knife blade would require an adjustment. Is there an available a manual in PDF FORMAT for this machine? It is intended to be used as my main lawnmower. The renovation is appearing to be properly made, but the final judgment may wait until winter review.

Lars B Kurin / Swe


hillsider Wed, 08/09/2010

Hello and wellcome to the old lawnmower Club,

Re your request for a handbook for a Qualcast Sixteen there are some links to be found in the club information area of this site, one is for the British Lawnmower Museum they offer reprints of many mower manuals among many other services. But I do not know of any available to download.

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Sorry for the delay responding to you but I was hoping that there may be a member with experience of this model of mower who could help with the info, Is the 52 that you mention the year of manufacture?

I guess from the abreviation after your name that you are resident in Sweden, if so I suppose it will not be too long before the mower will be put away for the winter.

Good luck with the search,