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Question about Senspray carb

I've not been able to find a lot of information on the Web about Senspray carburetors.

One thing in particular that I've been trying to ascertain is whether the Bowden cables in the Senspray's associated control levers control levers (throttle and choke) can be easily changed as necessary. I've heard one fellow in a YouTube video say that they cannot be changed because the levers cannot be opened up to do so. That strikes me as unlikely ... as we all know Bowden cables can fray and break.

So, I'd be grateful for input on this question from members in the know.




gtc Wed, 09/07/2014

Well, turns out the answer was right under my nose, so to speak. There's a very detailed 13 page document for the Senspray right here on the OMC site under Atco Operating Manuals, and the parts explosion diagram therein clearly shows the individual component parts of the control levers. There's also a warning that "the control should not be taken to pieces unnecessarily".

The manual is on this web page: