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Ransomes Ajax mark 4 grease nipples

Hi, I've managed to lose the grease nipple for the gear casing on a Mk4 Ajax. I was quite surprised to see that these appear to be a push fit as there appears to be no thread visible in the hole.

Can anyone advise how and where I can obtain a new one? On the basis that one appears to have fallen out on it's own accord, although probably it got caught on a hedge, how do I stop this happening again? I think that I had better have a few spare just in case.

Many thanks


Andy Parsons



Clive1997 Wed, 01/01/2014

Hello Andy

Happy New Year, I should have a couple of Ajax's lying around that I am breaking for spares, will check when back at work tomorrow. Regarding the fit, I will check mine, assume if they are push fit a small application of a strong adhesive may suffice (care not to block the hole!).


Will be in touch.





Andyp Thu, 02/01/2014

In reply to by Clive1997

Clive, thanks for that.

I have just had a reply from Jon at the Mower Centre in Hailsham who appears to have some available. As I have lost one I will ask him to send me a couple just in case.

I has thought of using some liquid gasket, do you think that would hold it in place? If not I will get some threadlock such as locktte.






wristpin Thu, 02/01/2014

Don't think that liquid gasket is right for that job, you will be better of with Loctite, probably one of the "retainer" grades such as Bearing Fit or High Strength Retainer.
It could be that the new oilers will be a better interference fit and may not need anything.

Clive1997 Thu, 02/01/2014

In reply to by Andyp

Hi Andy


Thats good, I did find one & will keep it in the spares box,