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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Ransomes Archive

I Googled for info on “Ransomes Sturmey Archer” and scrolling down a few pages found The National  Archive site which lists the contents of the Ransomes Products Document Archive held by the Ipswich Transport Museum, including lots of mower stuff - even the Sturmey-Archer Engines used on some mowers and MG crawlers which collectors find hard to locate.

This Archive is additional to that held at Reading Museum of Rural Life and also covers many other Ransomes products, like Trolley Buses, Cranes, Fork Lift trucks and Ploughs.

The Transport Museum (which has over 80 Ransomes and Atco mowers on display) can be contacted on 01473-715666 or

You can also click on the Ransomes History box to see a 7 page potted history.


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