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Ransomes Certes Mk 12 16" - full overhaul and respray


I have been the proud owner of the Certes Mk12 pictured below for 10 years now but for the last 7 it has had very little use due to the size of our graden and quality of the grassed area. It was bought in the UK but I now live in Normandy, France

I would like to moth ball it for future use and/or future generations and reckon the best way to do so would be to give it a major overhaul and respray. The grass box has no major dents nor scars but is a little pitted with rust. Both transfers are still visible but heavily warn so I assume the paint is original.

I have done major refurbs on several Ajaxes but I have never attempted to respray them.

A few questions if I may:-

The handles appear to be a different colour to the grassbox. Is this usual?

Where can I obtain the correct Green for both handle and box and Red for the inside of the box?

Of the transfers that are available fro the OLC which would be correct for the handle and box?

When I refurbished the Ajaxes I used an automotive gasket sealant on the gear box/side cover. Is this the correct type of product to use?

Are there any serial numbers on the mower to aid in more precise age identification?

I shall attempt to document, photo and pubish a WIP as work progresses during the summer.

I also own 3 Ajaxes Mk 4s and 5s which do get an occasional workout when the need for stripes on the lawn is too much to resist.


many thanks





David Bouchard Mon, 15/09/2014


did you go ahead with this overhaul?  No replies on your thread and no follow-up.

I am now in your position with a machine that looks to be the same model as yours (mine has lost its plate) but with a later type of handle assembly.

Is your Certes assembled with UNF fixings rather than BSF and BSW?

How do you remove the cylinder pinion gear - I have removed the nut and the gear is staying put - is it just waiting for me to pull it off or is there more to it?
Edit - got it off - just levered off with two screwdrivers. 

I will be using Ransomes green as listed, probably RAL 6001, and the Ransomes red for the cylinder, but the inside of the grassbox just looks like red lead.  Is that what it is?

I also don't know what decal to put on the grassbox but I'm tempted by the plainish square grey one.