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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Ransomes films

More interesting things found whilst trawling the net at the weekend. Looking for information on the Ransomes sponsored "Operation Matador" Edinburgh to London journey of 1959 I came upon the East Anglian Film Archive. On this site I managed to track down two videos relating to Ransomes.

The first is a 26 minute "exploration of the coast of East Anglia introducing Ransomes Lawn Mowers encountered on the way". A direct link to this footage is:

The second is a 12 minute record of Operation Matador itself with some interesting footage as the mower is driven through Yorkshire villages and the centre of Stamford. It also includes the bicycle being ridden into a duck pond stunt mentioned by Brian Bell in his book "Ransomes, Sims & Jefferies: Agricultural Engineers". The video finishes off with the machine, having been driven down the Great North Road, mowing a section of Hyde Park. This clip can be found at:


Happy viewing,


Clive1997 Mon, 06/02/2012

Hi Joe

Thanks for that, fantastic footage especially the guy going through the patio doors!!!! 








czislowski Sat, 11/02/2012

I always appreciate quality research.

I just watched the East Anglia film and, as a Ransomes buff, it was fascinating.

Thank you Joe.

Mowtown Thu, 16/02/2012

Hi Joe,

You may like to know that the actual mower used in the run is now preserved in the Ipswich Transport Museum, as part of their large Ransomes and Atco collection.

They also hold the archive of masses of old Ransomes manuals, parts listings, etc., not just for mowers but many of their other products.  The archive listing is also on line.


Hope this helps,     Ken