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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Ransomes Minor 12"

Pulled this out from the back of the shed this afternoon. It's been there for thirty years plus in my posession and was stored unused by its previous owner for an unknown perion before that.

Unsurprisingly it has no spark and has not responded to a quick clean of the points so I will have to dig deeper. No sign of any timing marks  so I will make some of my own before pulling the flywheel - or can anyone say with authority that it is keyed?

Couldn't believe how heavy it is for a 12" mower and although I probably lifted it onto the staging where it was stored, I didn't risk the back and used a pull lift to lower it three feet to the ground!



hillsider Wed, 30/01/2013

Hello Angus,

The link above will answer most of your questons I think. There is a section covering flywheel removal etc - it must date from the days before the standard phrase was `contact you local dealer'.

If the engine is a Villiers Midget I have one that is looking for a new home, the mag is in bits but it may be source of parts if needed.