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Ransomes RSJ De Luxe Centenary model

I've just netted myself one of these after a good deal of hunting, but I can't find much in the way of info on the model. Does anyone happen to know how many were sold & if they were only available as a limited edition in 1932/ 33 or was there continued production? I'm also interested in the price charged & any other info members might have.






Clive1997 Sun, 08/05/2011

 Hello Joe

I too acquired one of these at the end of last year, I would also like to know how many were produced?

I do have various brochures and Ad's  which I'm happy to share with you, in 1932 they were £7 each with a 5% discount for cash, I know I paid 10 times that for mine!!!!!

Send me an email & I will let you have some more info, best to get me on

Cheers for now & hope someone will supply approx numbers made etc.



brummy_joe Fri, 13/05/2011

Further to this thread is some information gleaned from Brian Bell's book "Ransomes, Sims and Jefferies, Agricultural Engineers". The RSJ De-Luxe was available in 10, 12 & 14 inch cut, although the few I have seen have all been 12". The 14" machine with grass box cost £8 15s. Bell tells us that the model was introduced in 1932 but does not give any indication of how long it was available although he does state that it was illustrated in Ransomes 1933 catalogue.