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Ransomes Turf Track


Wonder if anyone can help me, I brought a ransomes turf track ride on mower with a hydrostatic drive, was working great then the drive started playing up, then stopped all together, and now the hydraulic lift for the mower deck and articulation has stopped working too.

I have changed the filters and put fresh oil in, i have searched the internet to try and answer this problem but with now joy :(

Could it be the pumps that have packed in or something else? Can anyone suggest anything?


hortimech Thu, 08/05/2014

So, the engine runs but no hydraulics work, could this be something as simple as the connection between the engine and hydrostat unit has failed ?

Otherwise, we are going to have to start a masterclass on fully variable, fully reversible axial piston pumps. If you do need to start testing the hydrostat unit, you are going to need a collection of pressure gauge's.

janbo Thu, 08/05/2014

Could not find info on website of Ransomes/Jacobson. As far as I know this machine was made by Steiner Inc USA and sold as Ransomes. Suppose it has a Sundstrand 15 series hydraulic drive. Always first check if by-pass valve is close . and of course if engine drives pump as suggested by hortimech.

After that you end up with inspecting various check and pr. valves and measuring pressures in the system.