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Ransomes Twety Four Questions.

I have just got a ransomes Twenty Four MK2 mower. There is no recoil on it. Was this mower fitted with one or was it started with a rope? Also does anyone know when this mower might have been made or any other info as I know very little about them. Thanks


wristpin Wed, 14/05/2014

Over the years the Twenty Four has had a Villiers Lightweight engine, a Villiers F15 and latterly a Briggs and Stratton all of which were fitted with a recoil starter. The F15 and the Briggs were also offered with optional electric starters in addition to recoil units.

Post an image and we can identify the engine on your machine.

wristpin Thu, 15/05/2014

With some difficulty!

Admin recently posted instructions but now I can't find them for you.

Perhaps someone else can find them and re-post.

dave1174 Thu, 15/05/2014

Ok thanks I can email you some links if that helps. I have a few photos on my facebook page.

wristpin Sat, 17/05/2014

That's a Villiers F15 and would have had their own recoil starter unit. An on-line auction site is probably your best bet but it may be worth a call to Paul at Meetens. Looks like every thing else is there but not sure about the originality of the fuel tank cap! You can get new air filter elements from Villiers Parts or Meetens.

If the machine is for use rather than show I would put an electronic ignition module on it for reliable starting and removing the need to fiddle about with the points and condenser.