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Re: (1960's) 12" Qualcast Panther Battery Mower

Dear Members,

I've recently renovated a 1960's Qualcast Panther battery mower, to almost perfect working order, having been laid up for 40 plus years

Can anyone verify that I need a 6 volt, rechargable, lead acid battery (or equvalent) to make the little herbert work? Curiously it came with a 12v external plug-in battery charger, which I'm almost sure would fry a 6 voly battery. Any advice would be welcome, especially as to who could supply a battery of the size (7" x 6") that would fit the fixings. Many thanks.

Lawrence Miller (Preston, Lancshire)


Lars B Kurin Fri, 22/04/2011

 A charger for car battery as long you can switch 6 / 12v. The current should 1.5 A if it a lead/acid battery. Plz check acid/water level.