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restoration of Ransomes AJAX MK5

Hi all,


Finally, I've just started the restoration of a ransomes AJAX MK5 mower which has been waiting for me to spend some time on her.


The story goes back to 5 days before christmas when I received an interesting email through our local freecycle network saying "hand mower free to good home". So, I called the chap offering the mower and all the basic questions I asked, he had no clue of... Make, model, etc.


So I took a punt on it. offered him fuel costs of £4 as he was in the local area.


anyway... next day, the mower arrives on the drive and it's starting to snow. Now, me being a blind restorer, I had the chance, in front of the guy, to feel the mower to check it's condition. There was me thinking it was a qualcast panther from the 80's etc. NOPE!


in decent condition, ransomes AJAX MK5. I've struck gold.


OK it's been some time, about a month back, due to time constraints, hospital visits, etc, I finally balanced and refurbed the front wooden rollers. Today, whilst good weather was on my side, I stripped the entire mower bare. So, tomorrow, the plan is to get the cylinder ground, knife ground, bearings replaced, etc at the same time.


Here's where I could use some help.


Firstly, colours. Of course, the blade is being finished in royal red. What colour green and silver would do best? My nearest spray paint stockist is Halfords so don't want to be ordering online for paints, etc. Any paint recommendations or names for me to use would be great.


Also and most importantly. the decal / transfer for the ransomes AJAX on the grass box, etc.


where can I get this from, or does anyone have the transfer as a graphic file I could take to my local film printers who could print the transfer?


if anyone can help, please email me at or call 07936 877500





Aled Sun, 15/04/2012

To be honest unless Halfords can offer you a paint mixing service I'd go to a professional paint shop for the paint, I'm going to try and get hold of the NCS colour code for Ransomes paint because I want to restore a couple of mowers I have in the shed this year, anyway the Ransomes paint is available to buy on eBay or you could always have a look at the colour of the paint underneath the handlebar grips (the paint would be intact with it's original colour and ask whoever you get to mix the paint to mix it to that colour.

For the silver parts of the mower I believe Hammerite Hammered Silver is alright for use on them, but personally I would go for Tetrosyl Silver spray paint (I think either of those are avaliable in Halfords).

If you contact a guy called Bernard Robinson, who is an Old Mower Club member, he specializes in making transfers for old mowers and he'll probably have a set of transfers for this particular mower, you can email him here:

Hope that sorts everything out for you.

redfernmowers Wed, 02/05/2012

Finally, all is just about done, with exception of the original decal I'm sorting out soon with a visit to the mower museum in the next couple of weeks (stock acquisition time). From it's stripped state, I managed to perform some service work as well including cleaning and re-greasing of the ratchet mechanisms on the rollers, clean ups, etc. After 4 days spray work from saturday till yesterday, all is finished, assembled and a photo to be included soon.



redfernmowers Fri, 11/05/2012

My ransomes AJAX MK5 isn't for sale as it's my personal machine for the lawn. After all, I've put in a lot of time on it.

I can however get hold of unrestored models like this pretty cheaply, you can also do the same on ebay. If you want them professionally restored, it can be done for about £120 for a full refurb job. this includes blade regrinds, knife grinding, full bodywork cleaning, rear roller play adjustments, complete respray work, the lot.

I'm a great believer in real detail. If you wanted one of these fully restored from the lawnmower museum, you'd be paying minimum £300 or so. If you are able to locate one and want a restoration service, drop me a line either at or call me on 07936 877500. I'm based in North Wales, so if you want the work done, bring the machine  down and about 2 to 3 weeks later (top end) your machine will be ready and waiting for you.

I'm a perfectionist. everything from gearing adjustments and calibrations, etc. the lot.

I do, however have a couple of petrol machines which are about to undergo full restoration. 2 atco mid 80's machines (1 x Royale B20 club and 1 x B14 as I understand, will confirm later, as well as a suffolk punch in need of serious work.)

I usually sell full refurb machines when I come across them, depending on outlay, for about £180 for a fully refurbished suffolk punch, £220 for a fully restored atco B14 or B17. or similar machines.

the B20 in the workshop is going to be a 6 week restoration job due to the amount of work required. after that, it will be up for sale for about £1000 or  a reasonable offer including the original grass box, the rear seat and roller config, etc. will be as new from my small workshop.



redfernmowers Thu, 07/06/2012

At last, have finally figured out this picture lark. well... As Promised... Photos.....

first shot of my ransomes ajax MK5

closer detail

with box fitted

side on view

me and my old beauty

other side?

After First Mow!!!!!!!

Next project to come....

Ransomes Auto Certes 18" with shaver blade.... Bet you can't wait for that......


Mr Mowtivator Sun, 07/03/2021

Hi Lew, amazing job! Shame you are in North Wales as I have two Mk 5's. I would like to get one restored for personal use. Wonder how much a courier would charge...!