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restoring my atco

 hi all my name is alun im just after a bit of help and guidance really i own and have owned my atco mower for about 5 years i have stripped it down completely and had all the metal work sand blasted and primed im just interested as to how old it is there is no brass plate on the side of the chassis but have lots of numbers on the cylinder head and behind the fly wheel these are as 

1> 764

2> 111195

3> m15128

4> b755 

does any one have any idea what these markings mean 


many thanks alun 

Keith Wootton Fri, 30/07/2010


The numbers I have are very limited but one of the entries suggests this might be a small Atco Villiers engine from the late 1940s, perhaps on a 12 or 14" mower? Let us know. Sadly all of the relevant Atco records were lost in a fire during the 1970s and as a result of their move from Birmingham to Stowmarket so it's not very easy to match numbers up against production dates.


topgunhorse Fri, 06/08/2010

A few questions first.

Is it a rope pull start. kickstart. recoil start?

is it 2 or 4 stroke?

does it have a torpedo shaped exhaust or a "pepper pot"

torpedo shaped fuel tank or box like?

regards andy