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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

in search of a grass box. the quandary begins.

Well.. I'm nearing the end of my restoration of the auto certes so it's just about ready for sale. I picked this up without a grass box, however, there was a grass box from a 17" machine with the ransomes cheeks and mounts for the auto certes.. the main metal was damaged and corroded beyond repair so have removed the excess metal leaving the main cheeks intact. 

As I've a background in sheet metal work, I could form a new box, form the main body and use the original pressings or find a replacement box to match the machine.

this is the quandary...

With the way that sheet metal is being priced, it's a bit of an issue buying per m2 of 1.0mm sheet metal. finding a local and TRUSTWORTHY supplier is also another matter.

so... just as a possible ask. does anyone have an old auto certes 18" grass box in need of a good home, even if it needs a little repair work.

Any help would be appreciated.


hillsider Sun, 24/06/2012

Re sourcing metal for your grass box, can you get enough out of a 25 litre oil can? assuming that is that you can get you hands on one.


redfernmowers Sun, 24/06/2012

might just be able to get enough out of one but depends on where I can find one. also cutting the plate to dimensions if the previous chemicals were flammable. that's entertainment value lol. going to hunt down some scrap off cuts of sheet steel. would need 2 pieces of 3ft x 2ft to create a double skin and seams. then rivet together, seam fill and all sorted with a bit of luck. 

Am trying to source replacement throttle and locking handle controls to completely restore the ransomes and can't really find anything decent. can you recommend any suppliers or manufacturers? the originals are highly worn and corroded, so plating them isn't worth it. Found a place specializing in controls but doesn't have what I'm looking for.

one small snag is on the blade sprocket. the original 5/16 LH bolt was damaged and had to be removed along with the locating washer. My local supplier no longer supplies imperial left hand fittings but has helped with other replacements needed. had to replace a lot of previous bolts.

Now it's all finally assembled, the restored brass number plate and brass adjuster really show up from what my folks said when they came to see the finished work. always handy to have someone who can see your results when you yourself can't get a visual idea. just a feel.


wristpin Sun, 24/06/2012

Would think that the material used for oil drums may be a bit thin. Likely that a jobbing engineering firm that buys sheet in 8 x 4 sheets will cut you off what you need  - there are two such firms that I know of within 10 miles of me and I suspect there are several more so  I guess you can find one near you.

Another possible source is a company supplying pattern body panels etc to the motor trade . One near here sells small sheets (aprox a metre square) of various thicknesses of steel sheet for car body repairers/restorers to make up repair sections .  .