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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Suffolk cast iron block gaskets

Does anyone know if any firm is producing gaskets for the old cast iron block engines? In particular the one between the block and sump. And before anyone tells me, I know that I can cut one out from gasket material but I have several to do and, a / I'm lazy and b/ they use up a lot of gasket material when there's no call for small ones to use up the middle bit!



topgunhorse Tue, 24/06/2014

You could always,

A/ cellotape the middle bits together, and then you'd have a piece large enough for another big gasket.

B/ glue them on top of each other to make handy coffee cup coasters.

gtc Wed, 25/06/2014

I trust you've already checked with the usual sources listed on the Club's spare parts reference pages.

This eBay seller advertising the head gasket says "We keep Loads More Parts in Stock For The Old & New Cylinder Mowers", so may be able to help.