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suffolk colt aerator attachment

OK this pretty much says it all lol.

Can anyone here remember an accessory for the suffolk colt 12" which was basically an aerator attachment which replaced the front rollers? if so, does anyone have one or know where I could source one. Can't find anything on fleabay. I came across one years back with a colt and kick myself for parting with it.


wristpin Sun, 05/08/2012

Never seen one and never seen a picture of one. At a guess I would suggest that it may either have been home made or made by a third party to fit the Colt.  There have been  al sorts of weird and wonderful  accessories offered by 3rd party manufacturers  for mainstream mowers over the years.

Remember that at one IOG (now Saltex) show someone was exhibiting a compacting grass collector for the Atco Commodore and Hayter Harrier - don't think that they even made it to production!

Aled Wed, 08/08/2012

I saw a grass compactor on the collector for an advert for a Qualcast Concorde electric mower from the 1980s, whether or not the feature was added to the range I don't know because I don't really take much notice to these machines, never seen one on a Commodore though, they're grassboxes are very similar to the modern day ATCO Balmoral boxes.

wristpin Wed, 08/08/2012

Know the one that you are referring to - a hinged "false bottom"  in the box that was pulled up and secured to compact the grass to the back of the box an allow the mower to refill the front..

The prototype that I saw at the show did away with the Commodores own box and took the grass off the cutting cylinder, over the engine and dropped it into a bin under the handle bars. Guess that there must have been some additional weight at the front to keep the balance as the bin filled. Well before the days of mobile phones let alone ones with cameras so no pictures!