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suffolk punch 35s ht lead

I would like to replace the HT lead on a Punch 35s.My problem is how do i remove the lead from the magneto?.There doesn't appear to be any screws etc to undo,leading me to think it "just pulls out"Is there some sort of connector that i should transfer to the new lead?.I don't want to proceed if there is any doubt about fitting a replacement.

Many thanks. 


wristpin Wed, 30/04/2014

On some coils the lead was bonded into the coil body but often it is just screwed in. The recess in the coil has a taper threaded screw set inside it and the HT lead is pressed onto it and then twisted in a clockwise direction until it is drawn in and bottoms in the recess. To remove the old lead just unscrew it.

If yours is a bonded one and the lead is damaged you can cut it just below the damaged section, solder a new piece of lead to it , then apply some epoxy such as  Araldite  around the joint and finish off with a length of heat shrink tubing.




vanjim50 Thu, 01/05/2014

Once again,many thanks for your encyclopedic knowledge Wristpin.