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Suffolk squire 19 inch grass box

Hi everyone I'm new here,so please forgive me with any newbie forum mistakes.

I'm looking for a grass collector for my suffolk squire. Does anyone have one?or a picture of what they look like? Or maybe know where I could get one?

Many thanks

Stephenharris Mon, 22/09/2014

Am trying to upload a picture any advise on uploading would be appreciated.


wristpin Sun, 28/09/2014


I've got two Squire Owners' Manuals but neither shows a collector so I guess that it was an optional extra - or maybe they never made one?

However I also have a manual for the similar Corporation and that has a wire framed fabric collector with a rigid floor that hooks on somewhere by the roller adjusters and is suspended under the handlebars. When I'm in the "office" I'll scan it and post it from the PC. 

What was the difference between the Squire and the Corporation ? Both 19" machines of similar layout and construction ; although I have it in the back of my mind that there was a 16" version of the Squire.…