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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Suffolk Squire Corporation Mowers For Sale


I have joined this forum to sell 2 Suffolk Corporation Squire Mowers to Enthusiasts to do them the justice they deserve.

One is orange and newer than the older green one. The green one appears to start by wrapping a cord around a spool, the orange one has the more familiar recoil.

Neither have run for a long time, but both are free and not seized.

I do not have the canvas grass collectors

Please contact me for further information. 0779 599 8081

Thank you

Richard Jones Thu, 12/09/2013

Hi, I have just read you advert, and reminds me of my childhood pushing an old suffolk corporation around the garden on tip toes, i have to many projects on the go at the moment, but i my be interested in them ,as this time i may be able to reach the handles now. But really depends where you are?  Regards  Richard Jones.