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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Suffolk Super Colt flywheel 'window'

I was delighted to recently ressurect a Super Colt, which has been stood for some time. The points and carb needed a good clean.

My intention is to use it regularly at home, so have put some effort into replacing some lost parts (flywheel guard / air filter) and tuning.

After a cut, I noticed some clippings getting through to the flywheel 'window' of which the cover is missing. Is it possible to get a replacement flywheel window? Does anyone have a Suffolk for breaking or parts?

Any help would be appreciated.


greensleaves Sun, 18/08/2013

 hi there i  presume  that  it could be a  plate with a small self tapping screw or  ba screw,

or a plastic  cover On more modern versions.

Make up a plate from aluminium cut to cover hole ,

drill fix with small screw  self tapping screw should do the trick  but check the length.

bobs your uncle cheap fix