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Tyre sealant

Does anyone use tyre sealant (puncture protection) in either veteran or modern machinery and have any views about the effectiveness of any particular brand?

hillsider Sun, 21/10/2012


I understand that it is recommended for use in ride on mowers especially where there are blackthorn hedges. We did use it many years ago in some small plant tyres but found that it rendered the tyres un repairable so it was a bit counter productive.

Personally I have a bit of an issue with using it in road vehicle tyres, we had a tyre scrapped at work due to a nail in the outer shoulder causing damage to the inside wall of the tyre as it flexed. My thought at the time  was that had the tyre been treated to prevent the tyre deflating the first sign of trouble could have been a major blow out!! I believe though that it is now supplied in place of a spare wheel on many cars as a get you home repair kit so perhaps the products have been improved over time and now do not prevent repairs from being carried out.

One method that did work on some Wrigley trucks that had in the plant fleet at one time was to have the front drive wheels filled with foam to create in effect a solid tyre,

Re whose product works the best I do not have enough experience of what is currently avaible to pass comment on that for you.



wristpin Mon, 22/10/2012

Thanks for the comments and suggestions . We had an ex council Westwood in for repair once that had been given the "aero bar" foam treatment  and the wheel/tyre assemblies were so heavy that they were difficult to lift! Probably accounted for the wrecked diff!!!


andylittlejohns Thu, 15/11/2012

Our ride on at work has some brand or other of sealant in. It's pretty effective, we rarely have to have tyres repaired mowing around hawthorn and broken glass in a city centre. When we have had punctures we've noticed the tyre deflate slightly, pumped it up and not had to attend to it again. Larger holes are obviously a different matter but the last time that happened they were still able to repair the tyre despite the sealant.