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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Unknown 10" handmower

This machine bought some time ago, don't know what make it is, The rear roller and cutting cylinder have traces of gold colour The side plates have remains of green .  It still works allright. Anybody knowing what make and type this is?

janbo Mon, 09/09/2013

Bottomside of  handlebar showed this = ABNER .  Could not find anything about Abner lawnmowers,  Were they made in Germany ? Bolts are imperial sizes.. 

hillsider Mon, 09/09/2013

In reply to by janbo

I don't recognise the mower you have there, it is a complete stranger to me. It has an interesting curve in the handle, perhaps it was stored with some weight on one side!
Hopefully someone will pop up and tell us what it is.

janbo Wed, 11/09/2013

In reply to by hillsider

Found this ad on internet it is from 1935 (lady in white) but wonder if she actually did cut grass.   The firm Abner had premises in Solingen Germany, but does not exist anymore. Found a man aged 81 who worked on Abner machines, My machine is de Abner Bobby and was used by gardeners to cut the sides and various other restricted area's of a lawn . No sales literature or other photo's of this machine found. He told me that the machine was fitted with a tubelar X shaped push bar instead of wood. All other Abner handmowers were sidewheeldrive. May be there was a distributor in the UK, and if so may be they can produce picture of the Bobby as I am worried to make up new wood handle and later have to make a metal one. Who knows?