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Villiers Midget 98cc 2-stroke Engine

What is the correct mixture/ratio of modern Petrol to Oil for a early 1950's Villiers Midget 98cc 2 stroke engine? I've tried 25:1 but I'm getting a bit too much smoke and the engine coughs and doesn't run as smooth as I would expect.


velofellow15 Tue, 02/09/2014

 I run mine on 32 to 1 but use a straight30 grade engine oil rather than a modern two

stroke type.Supposedly this is better for old style bearings.

jpsimplex14 Tue, 02/09/2014

Thanks for you reply. It's funny that you mention 32:1 because I run my 34cc JAP engine with that same mixture, as per the original 1950's instructions. It's mounted on the Qualcast Powered Panther and has always ran very well. I may try that ratio on the Midget and see how it goes although I'll be using modern 2-stroke oil.