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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

The way it was!

When Atco were in their prime in the 50s and 60s they offered repair and servicing from their regional depots. The attached images taken from an owner's hand book of the time shows the extent of the overhaul service offered - collection, complete mechanical and paint strip, re-spray and new transfers, sharpen and re-assembly!

Mike Mon, 13/08/2012

....... how you doing Angus ... smiley

Ahhhhh ... When people designed things to last, and it was common practice to have your lawn mower overhauled or repaired, people looked after things .....  as opposed to some of todays lawn mowers which are considered consumable.

(this isnt my back yard by the way)  cheeky

redfernmowers Tue, 14/08/2012

it's like a bullet to the chest for me when mowers are chucked away. I've an M3 mountfield completely rebuilt and updated which a client's buying tonight, all being well. a bargain really which covers my time and a few parts. nice to know it will go toa home where hopefully the owner shall LOOK AFTER IT!

I love the thought of the old days where a machine would have a service contract which was complete and thorough. not like today where certain companies I know, just do a quick engine repair then knock them out. I was at a local mower repair unit on call to service a friend's lathe which failed due to a dodgy 3 jaw chuck and jibs out of line, so it was down to me to bring the lathe back, in return for my hard work, he allowed me to get some rollers done for one of my clients on a JP maxees about to be finished. Phew. what a challenge. let's just say, a lathe with no main switches, emergency stop, etc. just a wall switch 4ft away from the lathe. frightening but I'll be dealing with that for him soon along with some custom tools for him including my unique wood sweep lathe tool for wooden rollers.

it's nice to know that at one time atco had service centres where your machine could be lovingly cared for. just wish it was that way today. perhaps that's where, with some help, a bit of funding, etc where I could come in and offer that kind of support for the older machines. think of what I do as giving life to the lost.