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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

What do i have?

I have a 1966 Craftsman Custom Lawn tractor that i need some info on. Is it a Gem?   Is it a collectors item?  I do know this, it is ORIGINAL Everything down to the tires and belts and they are not dry rotted at all. My father in law was astounded with it, took it to Georgia, bought a lead additive to add to the gas, ran it long enough to say one of the prettiest cuts he has had on his lawn. He drained it, parked it in his garage to just look at. He passed about a year ago and i have it back home now in my garage. I don't know whether it is just a pretty lawnmower or a true treasure. I need some help and info please.

dawgsfan Thu, 12/04/2012

Anyone have an idea??...I figured somebody would know about this mower on a site like this.

hillsider Thu, 12/04/2012

Hello and a belated welcome to the Old Lawnmower Club.

I saw your original posting and thought I would let another member answer who was perhaps better informed on ride on mowers. Unfortunately it seems that this type of mower is not common amongst our membership.

From what I am aware of the Craftsman brand of machine is generally only found in the US and sold  by Sears. However given the age and condition of the machine that you have and its family connections it has got to be worth preserving if you can find it a home in your garage. 

We do have a fairly strong following of riding mowers in the UK particularly for the Wheelhorse brand there are a couple of forum sites that you can visit where these folk can be contacted, one is a fellow UK based club called The Vintage Horticultural and Garden Machinery Club who can be contacted via

The other forum that may be of interest is  this forum also has a dedicated section relating to Lawn Tractors

Hope this helps