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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Who Can Join?

Everyone who visits the site can read the content of the public forums. Any visitor can create an account to contribute to the forums. We have created two categories of site membership:

Members of the club can create an account that will allow them to start discussion topics and comment on existing discussions. They will also be able to add comments to existing site "blog" entries (pages where comments are allowed have an "add new comment" link at the bottom of the page or section. Members also have access to members-only forum which is reserved for discussions about the club.

Non-Members of the club are also welcome to create an account to join the site. This will provide them with the ability to contribute to forums but they will not be able to add comments to other parts of the site or to access members-only sections.

Applications for membership are "moderated" so that people are given the correct membership status.