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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Atco Spares

Spares for Atco lawn mowers can be difficult to obtain, although the following notes may be useful:

Mower Specific Components

Parts specific to the mower, such as frames and handles, are no longer available and the only option is to use a second machine as a donor.

Generic Components

Items such as bearings and roller chain were often sourced from third party manufacturers and can often be replaced with a modern equivalent. Roller and ball bearings, for example, can be found at most general engineering suppliers. Roller chain is also widely available from engineering and transmission stockists. Original bottom blades and cutting cylinders are no longer available but a few specialist companies can supply replacements from stock or using existing parts as a pattern.

Engine Components

Spares for Villiers engines back to the 1920s are widely available from a number of specialist stockists as well as online sites such as eBay. JAP spares are also available but less readily. Spares for Suffolk engines used on Atco mowers in the 1950s and 60s are difficult to obtain and the best option is to strip an existing unit.


A number of specialist companies can help with spares for carburettors and auction sites such as eBay regularly have items for sale. Very early Senspray and Atco carburettors from the 1920s can be found but prices are rising. Later Villiers carburettor spares can often be obtained from engine specialists.