Mower Sales: Advertise In The Club Newsletter

Use this form to provide us with information about an old lawn mower you wish to sell through the Old Lawnmower Club. If your advertisement is accepted we will send you an email to confirm. The advert will then be included in the next edition of our quarterly "Grassbox" newsletter. Advertisements are free of charge.

The next planned edition is in January 2022.

Please do not use this form to tell us about mowers available elsewhere (such as auction sites) as we will not use this information.


  • You cannot use this form to place Classified Ads on the site. Only full members of the club (those that pay an annual subscription)┬ácan place classified ads.
  • The Old Lawnmower Club cannot give valuations or advise on prices of mowers.
  • Advertisers should agree prices direct with potential buyers. If you have an asking price in mind, please enter it in the "Asking Price" box on the form so that it can be included with the advert.
  • Only potential sellers from the UK should use this form. If you have any queries or are from outside the UK please send an email instead.
  • This form is intended for submitting details of single mowers. To advertise more than one machine please complete a new form for each mower. Alternatively, send an email instead.
  • Boxes marked * are required. Please enter "Unknown" if you are unsure of the correct information. Telephone number and email address must be included.
  • The Club reserves the right to refuse an advert if it does not qualify for inclusion.

You must include your name, telephone number and a valid email address for the advert to be included. If you do not have all the other information simply leave the relevant box blank. Extra details can be entered in the "Additional Information" box at the bottom of the form but will not be included in the advert.

Click on the "Submit" button at the bottom of the form once you have entered all of your information.

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