Annual Rally 2015 - Silver Jubilee Theme

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of our very first annual rally this year’s event will have as one of its three themes “silver jubilee” mowers. For this we are hoping to display machines with some kind of connection to the number 25. This might include, for example, mowers that have a 25 inch cutting width – are there any we wonder? We’re also hoping to assemble some machines with “Silver” or “Jubilee” (or similar) in their names – there are a few but we’ll happily take anything that loosely fits the bill. In keeping with our aim to be as inclusive as possible we’ll have a fairly flexible definition of what might qualify and will be open to persuasion on the day as to the merits of individual machines. Even a silver-coloured machine would qualify. 

We will of course welcome any machines made in 1990. It’s odd to think that mowers made when our club was in its formative years are now considered “old” by many collectors, particularly our younger members. Nevertheless, if you think about it, many of us would have though 1965 was quite old in 1990!

Archimedean lawn mower. Farmfitters Rapier rotary mower. Greens Zephyr hand mower.

These mowers all fit with our "silver" theme. The one on the left is an Archimedean made in the late 19th century. The one in the middle is a Farmfitters Rapier from the 1950s. The one on the right is a Greens Zephyr also from the 1950s. This particular example, which can be seen at the British Lawnmower Museum in Southport, was uniquely produced with a highly-polished chrome finish as a special exhibit at the Southport Flower Show in 1960. Brian Radam, who runs the museum, brought this machine to one of our first ever club rallies.