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Qualcast 16


I have been restoring a qualcast 16. I have been having trouble finding drive chain. I have tried all my local bearing / transmission shops. They all say it is lawn mower chain and can't help.

Has anyone else restores on of these and manage to purchase new chains.

The sprockets are a little worn. I am guessing I will not be able to purchase these anywhere.

I would have thought that you could still get the chains at least.

Any help appreciated.

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On line supplier, Simply

On line supplier, Simply Bearings or not too far from you Kent Bearings . You just need to give them the pitch, roller diameter and roller width.

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Thank you again, just tried

Thank you again, just tried Kent bearings today no luck. Simply bearings might be able to help.

Thank you for the infomation on how to measure the chain.

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I have restored a couple of

I have restored a couple of Qualcast 16 mowers which I use and could help you with chains and sprockets and other things. I don't know all the answers however as I'm still learning. Please contact me by email if you wish.

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Here are two companies that I

Here are two companies that I have used in the past and both have depots near you.



Both companies are stockist of chains for power transmission, you will need to either know the size that you need or take the chain along for them to measure. Hopefully you can buy a length of chain rather than a full box.

Good luck with your search.


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I'm fairly sure the chain you

I'm fairly sure the chain you need is 1/2in x 3/16in (ie 1/2in pitch by 3/16in gap between flats).

I have bought this in the past from Wych Bearings...


Another supplier I have used is Simply Bearings...


Don't forget to buy enough links/connectors for your project as well.

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