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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Alen scythes

I am new to the club and new to real lawn mowers!! I have recently purchased two allen scythes (how greedy can you get) one to rebuild and one as a potential source of spares. I need some help dating and identifing these machines. Neither seller was very helpful claiming that they knew nothing about the machines I believe that they are both two stroke ts models - one fitted with forest guards and a car coil! The only i.d. are the machine nos. and these are :- 99372 and R47975. Hope someone can help or at least point me in the right direction. As an aside I am thinking of having a snow plough made up so any dimensions would also be helpful. Many thanks from the Isle of Wight. 


hdtrust Tue, 18/11/2014

The best place for help identifying your Allen scythes is with the Vintage Garden Machinery Club, just put in tractorbox into Google and their web site should come up .

As there is a clue in the title they are certainly not lawn mowers.

Looking at the latest Grassbox it looks like the editorial section has run out of lawn! As an Allen scythe has made the cover, Will we be getting Wheel Horses next?

old dog Sun, 23/11/2014

Thanks to hdtrust for the advise. Whilst I realise that Allen scythes are not lawn mowers on two occasions in my life I have needed to use one where no other mower would go!!

I joined the Old Lawn Mower Club after seeing the article Mower of the month number 14 - The Allen Scythe, on line. This lead me to assume that the OLMC had a broad interpretation of the term mower.

Again many thanks for the advise,

        old dog


hillsider Sun, 23/11/2014

As you have found the Allen Scythe has a foot in both camps when it comes to the world of mowers as it also sits quite happily in the world of horticultural / light agricultural machines.

Re the spectrum of machines covered by the Old Lawnmower Club the mower profile that you have quoted quite rightly states that the Allen Scythe has its place in mower history.

Good luck with your machines and please keep us posted of progress.