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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Lawn shoe

What size mower would need a horse this size!!!

olcadmin Fri, 04/12/2020

An interesting question but originally posted in the wrong place.

I have moved it to here from its original posting in the Annual Rally section.

Annual Rally section has been closed to new posts and comments.

hdtrust Fri, 04/12/2020

More to the point where are the other 3!

Or was it a horse from Fred Carnose circus hoping around on one leg.

To answer your question I would say from a 30 inch machine upwards to 42 inches

Kind regards


Messorestore Sat, 05/12/2020

Interesting. Fred Karno with a C ???

FRED KARNO'S ARMY - "A humorous nickname applied to the new British army raised during the First World War, in allusion to Fred Karno, the comedian and producer of stage burlesques, whose real name was Frederick John Westcott (1866-1941). ... Fred Karno's infantry.

I hope this helps.

mikehpw1 Sat, 05/12/2020

Good Evening HDtrust

Thanks for that information. Whilst I’m writing can I just say I don’t know who you are but  you’re knowledge  about this hobby is amazing, If you’re not a collector I think you should think about taking  it up seriously.

Lee Smallwood Sun, 06/12/2020

Mike are you serious or is it a type of humour I don't get?  If your serious Google The Hall and Duck Trust,

Also, that is a monster of a leather shoe, if I didn't know the lawnmower was invented in 1830, I would of thought cavemen used a diplodocus to drag a machine around looking at the size of it. (My humour) LOLOMO


mikehpw1 Sun, 06/12/2020


yes, I couldn't believe the size either. Not sure why I bought it really, I enjoy restoration and obviously none required here. Having said that I'm now negotiating to buy a full set from the same guy. I'll never learn (-:

Clive1997 Wed, 09/12/2020

Hi Mike

Once you have one set there are always more to collect, heres a few from our collection, the pair in the middle are rather large and we also have some open hoof Sandals!!

I like the Donkey boots especially as they have Fore & Hind printed on them to make sure you get them on the right end of the animal!

wristpin Wed, 09/12/2020

especially as they have Fore & Hind printed on them to make sure you get them on the right end of the animal!

A few years ago my son and daughter in law gave me socks with L and R on them - don't ask!

olcadmin Wed, 09/12/2020

Angus, I think we need to know....

In the meantime, are we sure they aren't like this?

hdtrust Wed, 09/12/2020

What a nice collection of Horse boots you have Clive,all shapes and sizes for horses only!

Just like your knowledge in lawn mowers you seem to lack your anatomical knowledge of the horse and the donkey.A donkey has a different shaped hoof and will not cut up lawns like a horse,so doesn't require boots.

H&D Trust

hdtrust Thu, 10/12/2020

  This is a pre Covid image at Malvern showing the correct way to mow with a Pony (no boots as the ground was like concrete)

Justice the pony is led by his co-Owner,Anthony Parkes,who was Head of Livery at Buckingham Palace,with a much younger, Andrew Hall working the Shank's Pony Mower of 1890.The other Co-Owner of Justice was HM Queen Elizabeth 11 (all with consent)

mikehpw1 Thu, 10/12/2020

Morning Clive

What a great collection, they say size matters! You've out done me by 2cm on the big one )-:  I'm still pondering on the set of four, I've only been in to this for about 6 months and I've realised i in need to work out where my enjoyment is. Already I've got mowers,  motor and push, edgers, sprinklers, shoes, I'm an engineer (retired) so my natural leaning I suppose is to restoration and not collecting as such, and I don't have the space for a large collection.  I have items dotted all over the country that need collecting and as soon as I'm able I plan to pop in to see your Museum, I've heard it's amazing. 


Lee Smallwood Thu, 10/12/2020


If you get the chance you won't regret the journey to Clive's museum, its fantastic, if I were closer I would be there a lot, its the best part of three hours for me so probably have to coincide with a family visit when all this covid mess allows.

Take a look on the Museum  Of Gardening website, there are excellent photos of the museum and mowers to entice. There should be more places where these machines can be shared with the public.

I only have an eclectic mix of machines stuck in a garage 10 minutes walk from my house, I make any excuse for friends to come and take a look, I'm slowly getting the collection organised and displayed nicely, with signage and information, always looking for the next little gem to add, but also running out of room. It's an obsession which I love, and it's lovely being able to have the OLC website to count on for information and like minded mower nuts to share their knowledge. But, and here's the but, why the harshness in comments by  a couple of club members and collectors at the moment, we all share the same passion, we all have mower envy, we all have various knowledge of this subject, and we are all learning, let's help each other out a bit instead of making reading these threads frustratingly disappointing. All the best to everyone for Christmas and the coming new year. Hope to see you all in May, hopefully for a handshake not an elbow bump. 





olcadmin Fri, 11/12/2020

This is meant to be a forum for like-minded enthusiasts to discuss their passion and share information in a polite and courteous way. 

Everyone who contributes to this site does so freely. They spend a considerable amount of time and put a great deal of effort into sharing information to help other members and enthusiasts.

If people disagree with the information provided, that is their right. The best discussions often arise when someone offers something new that challenges or builds on what was previously assumed or said. Providing evidence is always good but sometimes the information comes from knowledge and experience. Discussions should remain courteous and never question other participants’ motives or integrity.

I know from experience that it is all-too-easy to post something online that does not read the way it was intended. That happens to us all from time to time, I think, and we should always be mindful of it when we are posting comments.

Nor should the forums be used to air grievances about other participants or prolong arguments that should be of no concern to the people reading them. Please remember that anyone can visit this site and read them.

As the club president and manager of the website I have always taken a fairly “hands-off” approach to moderating discussions. I hope it can continue that way.