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Newish member old lawnmower

Hi All

I purchased an ATCO last year and I am getting round to having a look at it to see what needs done (everything by the look of it). Firstly I was wanting comments on the type and age. I think, with my limited research, it's a groundsman ? as you can see by the pictures it seems to have a (seized !) jap engine? I then would like to know is it possible to un seize  the engine ?



wristpin Sat, 03/09/2016

I see just one image!

Theres a difference between a seizure that has occurred in service due to lack of lubrication or overheating  and an engine that is just stuck due to a pre longed period of inactivity. The former will usually have resulted in some " permanent" damage but the latter may often be corrected with a little patience and leaving no damage.

Possibly the way to go is to remove the spark plug and pour in some diesel oil or kerosene both of which have searching properties. Leave it for a few days and then try and nudge the engine back and forth. If you get some movement repeat the dosing and leave for another day or two and then continue turning the engine until it frees off.

If that doesn't work it may then be necessary to dismantle the engine.