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Villiers/Atco badge

Hi everybody,

I have recently acquired an ATCO standard with the usual Villiers 2 stroke engine. These have an aluminum flywheel cover with a central enamel badge which is usually Villiers but there also seems to be a red, white and blue ATCO badge.

Does anyone know when the ATCO badges were fitted in place of the VILLIERS badge?


hdtrust Thu, 14/12/2017


The badge changed to the latter in 1931,when the steel framed models were introduced,Although you may well find the later badges on the Atco Standards where they have been serviced by Atco regional depots at some point in their lives.

The first steel sided light 14 inch had a starting handle,this model is rare.Atco Standards ceased production in 1932,but models were still being sold as new from dealerships as late as 1935

Rupert Sun, 17/12/2017