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Ransomes MK.4 - Age and other Informations?

Hello to everybody,

this is my first topic in this forum. I come from Germany and i have to use my "School-English"!

I went to an Oltdimer-Market a few weeks ago and bought an old Ransomes Lawnmover.

It runs great and it seems like nothings missing. The mounted wheels are not the original ones but i also have them. The Preowner mounted them...

I already googled about any information about this mover but i could not find anything.

I just do know that BSA is the manufacturer of the Engine. I found photos of similar lawnmovers but not even one with such an beautiful painture at the grassbox.

Can anyone help me and give any Information? Thanks alot and greetings to England !


hillsider Wed, 11/05/2011


Hello and welcome to the Old Lawmmower Club,

You appear to have found yourself a good example of a classic british mower, The Ransomes Marquis was made for many years and hopefully a forum member with knowledge of the production years will post a reply also.

I suspect that the front roller has been removed in an attempt at making the mower work better in long grass, but it is good that you have the roller and brackets so that you can refit it if you wish to. I think that with the wheels fitted the grass will be spoiled by the wheel marks .

The BSA engine was also produced by Villiers and is commonly known as the `Sloper' engine due to the angle of the cylinder bore, this is now common on some Honda engines.