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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Annual "Virtual" Rally 2021

Sadly, because of the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, we have had to cancel our Annual Rally which was scheduled for the third weekend in May. Despite some restrictions being lifted, the weekend for our event was before the proposed opening date for museums and similar venues. We are hoping to arrange an alternative event at Milton Keynes Museum later in the year, subject to regulations allowing such events to take place. 

In the meantime we are repeating our "Virtual Annual Rally" which was so successful last year. The allows members of The Old Lawnmower Club to display some of the exhibits they would have brought to our get-together in May.

We hope this collection will give a good idea of the variety of old mowers our members collect and the effort they all put into preserving and displaying them. Click on one of the images to find out more or visit the Virtual Annual Rally page.