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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Another Working Steam Mower Discovered

We don't see steam mowers very often so you can imagine we were quite excited when Steve Schlemmer contacted us earlier this year. Steve's clearly a proficient engineer and he told us that he assembled the steam plant from a machined kit of parts from Maxitrak. It's a modified, 1/3rd scale model of a Welsh quarry locomotive. He then fitted the engine to an Atco motor mower that he bought from another Old Lawnmower Club member. This particular model was chosen because it had a Villiers engine mounted on two, sturdy, angle iron cross members. According to Steve these provided an excellent mounting for the boiler and motion which has full Stephenson reversing gear. The boiler’s fed from both a crank pump and a hand pump. The mower also has a whistle to alert bystanders when moving off and turning.