Mowers On BBC Antiques Roadshow This Sunday

One of the club's younger members is going to be featured on the Antiques Roadshow on BBC One on Sunday 18 November. You can watch a short preview here.


That Manchester......

Indeed, and if anyone wants to offer me the price quoted for my 8" Silens Messor, it's yours! I'll even put the kettle on!


That`s me

Hello all

That is me, I visited the roadshow in falmouth with two of my mowers back in september.

the manchester is the one that was on ebay a few months back.

The silens messor is an 8in from 1898 and while the price may be on the slightly on the high side, I think its in the right ballpark, I restored it with another member who sold a later 8in on ebay, that one sold quickly at £295 plus postage.

I dont know if anyone notised but I made a small error in saying that the silens messor was made from 1869-1939 instead of 1859-1939, for this I apologise.

Best regards


Hey seb, I just heard about

Hey seb, I just heard about you last night and forgot you were on here lol. I'd just like to wish you a merry christmas and hope you're well. You remind me of me when I was younger lol, well I'm 28 and restore these beautiful machines as a life long passion and trade. Glad you know brian, he's one heck of an amazing chap and a life saver when it comes to parts, etc. Hope you enjoy your christmas present from brian. take care and have a very happy 2013. wow that does sound weird.. anyway if ever you need a hand with anything, drop me a line at, I'm more than happy to help you out where I can.

take care.


Edward Redfern,

Vintage machinery restorer / designer.