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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

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We know a lot of people visit our site to find out more about old lawnmowers(that's one of the reasons our club exists). Many visitors want to find a particular sort of information. There's a lot to wade through but to help, our site is divided into sections, each with its own mini-menu. Some of these sections also have their own search links or boxes to help you find information. We've marked some of them on the image below.

Technical Help (Circled Red - 1): information about specific mower models, including downloadable operating manuals, engine manuals, brochures and details of specifications for many makes and models. We've recently added a special search link to find mower and engine manuals.

Restoration (Circled Pale Blue - 2): general advice on preservation/restoration including sources of help and spare parts.

Mower Directory (Circled Blue - 3): an exhaustive list of mower manufacturers and the models they made which can help you identify and date a mower. There is a special search link to find references in this section.

Forum (Circled Pink - 4): our active forum is a good place to find discussions about technical issues and preservation/restoration challenges. We've recently added a search box to each page of the forum.

There is also a general search box that always appears in the top left-hand corner of the screen. This will search the entire site for you but you can use its advanced settings to search particular types of content.