We Are Boring - Official!

Not sure whether we should be pleased or not that long-term club member Stan Hardwick has been officially "recognised" as one of Britain's 12 most boring men. Stan is "Mr October" in a new calendar published by the Dull Men's Club (we assume he's a member of that club too).

Actually, when we come to think of it Stan's not even the most boring (or dullest) member of our club! Read more about Stan and the other men in this year's calendar at various news sites, including:

Daily Mirror (3 Oct 2014)

ITN (3 Oct 2014) 

Daily Mail (3 Oct 2014)

Daily Star (3 Oct 2014)

Daily Telegraph (3 Oct 2014)

Apparently the calendar will be available later in October from Amazon and elsewhere. In the meantime, details can be obtained from calendars@dullmensclub.com