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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

We're Back With A Bigger Website

It's been a while since we posted anything new on the front page of our site but that doesn't mean we've been sitting idly by. Over the past few months we've been busy behind the scenes working on an upgrade of the website. Like many websites ours is based on a content management system. We have used the same system for the past five or six years but the time was right to update to the latest version. 

To complete the upgrade we needed to install new versions of the various modules that power the site, update to the latest database software and migrate all of the data at our web hosting service. The majority of the work was straightforward but despite our best intentions and a lot of planning and testing before, during and after the changes a few glitches arose that we needed to put right. This has now been completed - unless there's something we've missed. 

At the moment the site looks more or less the same as it did before. However, it should be working faster than before and the improvements we have made behind the scenes will allow us to add new features and content more easily. Look out for some exciting additions in the coming weeks.