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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

General Exhibits


This section is for discussion of topics related to General Exhibits featured in our Virtual Annual Rally 2020. Topics that do not qualify will be removed.

Ransomes Edger


Some before and after pics ( I hope setting pic size on this site is work in progress at mo ) of my Edger resto. How this was supposed to speed up the task im not sure, curtainly all the lawns must have been square, following a curve i found impossible.

British Anzani Lawn-Rider's - Made from 1962 Onwards

Everybody has contributed some lovely photos sent in of their cherished machines; the field at The Museum is overflowing with exhibits!

Nice photos of a fellow enthusiasts Ferring -  Easimow   &  two British Anzani - Lawn-Rider's.  

I posted Dad's  c. 1966 > "Lawn-Rider" Improved (with the extra clutch lever to deselect the cutters; which was introduced in mid. 1966)  And as I say, some  lovelily other machines.

Annual Auction

This morning we'd have enjoyed a wonderful breakfast in the tea rooms and be working off the excesses of last night setting up the auction

I'd have entered this lovely little Webb Whippet complete with good box and original spanner, and along with many others hoping to find a Ransome's improved for my collection

Where is everybody

All set up, managed to retrieve a few rusty relics from isolation, enjoyed Pizza last night ,micro barrel of beer supplied by local brewery,

Mylie investigating wondering what on earths going on

Who's joining me tonight to partake in fish and chips.

Missed Diane's breakfast this morning.

Off to sell some mower's

Catch up later


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