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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

For Sale

Ransomes MkIV 16"

Selling my vintage Ransomes mower. It is serial number 1510, which seems to be the 10th machine made in 1927. I fitted a new plug recently, it does run (eat your porridge before you hand crank it!). It's extremely heavy so will need a van or a trailer to collect. I don't have the collection box, but the mower is in great condition.

Villiers F12 Sloper engine

Villiers F12 Sloper. Thorough overhaul including refaced valves and skimmed seats, valves lapped and clearances set. Carburettor dismantled and cleaned , all filter elements present and correct. Magneto stripped and cleaned, points gap set. Siba recoil starter dismantled and cleaned. Starts and runs smoothly with no sign of oil burning.

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