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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers



This section is for discussion of topics related to Atco mowers exhibited in the Virtual Rally 2021. Topics that do not qualify will be removed.

Atco B20 Deluxe


Been servicing the above mower, it has been stood around for about 8 years or so, it runs fine now and all the chains move as they should..

The problem I have is the roller will not roll on its own,  the cylinder turns as well, even though the cutter release lever is lifted and pulled clear of the notch.

Greatful of some advice, maybe something needs adjustment..

New Here, Hi from Me & My Troublesome 1954 Groundsman


Hi all, looking for some help.... As per title, I bought a Groundsman and she's being difficult.

I don't "get" imperial. I just don't... I understand my 1/2" & 3/8" & 1/4" ratchets, but then it's metric sockets so I have to go by some old sockets I may have kicking around or the nearest metric equivalent, but not one olde worlde spanner I'm afraid...

Atco Commodore 17s carburettor


Thank you for letting me join. I have just bought an 1991 Atco Commodore 17s, it originally started and ran well and after some time I got used to and enjoyed the slow paced lawn mowing. I started to get problems mid run with the mower just cutting out. In the end it would start but as soon as I asked anything of it it would stall. I cleaned the carb and realised the the gasket for the float chamber was incorrect so I ordered a new one. When it arrived I found that the reason the they gasket was wrong and oversized was that the float chamber was incorrect and too short to fit correctly.

It all started with an Atco


It all started with an Atco, many decades ago, as a child, I was always tinkering. After one prolonged absence in my grandfather's garage he came in to find I'd dismantled every spare bakelite plug and socket he owned including removing every brass screw out of every terminal.

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