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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers



This section is for discussion of topics related to JP mowers exhibited in the Virtual Rally 2021. Topics that do not qualify will be removed.

How to dismantle a JP Super 16 inch model (manual not petrol)



I'm a newcomer although not a member - yet - but wondered if I could tap into your knowledge database.  I've just bought a JP Super 16 inch model and am about to attempt an overhaul rather than just a tidy up.  The machine is intact with no damage and seems to have been looked after apart from a missing grassbox and three missing machine screws securing the shear blade.  Needless to say the 5 screws present are pretty well seized but I'll deal with that later when (hopefully) the dismantling is complete.

JP Super roller dimensions


First time post here, I did look to try and locate similar topics but couldn't locate exactly what I was looking for.

I have recently purchased a 12' JP super the front rollers are pretty much none existent, does anyone have the dimensions, I have read some suggestions on using rolling pins as the source of wood which could be a pretty cost effective way of doing it but the largest available to me I can Locate is 5cm which I am unsure if is enough.

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